Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Edupack?

Edupack is a WordPress-based solution that manages all your existing sites in one place. You can install Edupack into your existing WordPress installation or use Edupack to migrate sites on various CMS platforms into one place.

Who is behind Edupack?

A team from Decubing and SMILE are building Edupack. Together, we have decades of experience building websites for Higher Ed institutions.

Do I need WordPress?

Yes – Edupack is built to support WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System. That said, Edupack allows you to import sites from any CMS. 

What features does Edupack have?

Edupack includes key features that turn WordPress into the ideal Higher Ed web publishing platform. These features include one-click accessibility reports, easy onboarding tools for self-service systems, and governance tools that manage user permissions and content sunsetting. We’re constantly growing our feature-set to enhance WP for Higher Ed pros.

Is Edupack competing with agencies and stealing Higher Ed jobs?

Edupack tools are built to make life easier for developers, designers, administrators, and content creators. We want to empower you to become our biggest cheerleaders.

Is Edupack only for Higher Education?

Right now, we’re focusing on the college and university market. That said, we’re open to growing into all areas of the education sector.

What does Edupack cost?

Edupack is available to institutions that need it, rather than just those who can afford it. We’re still tuning our costs, so check back soon or get in touch for more info.

I wanna know more!

Feel free to contact us:

Blake Bertuccelli (Decubing), 

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