Edupack’s Seven Targets

Our Aim for Higher Ed Web Publishing

Decubing and SMILE have worked with Universities for over a decade. We’re combining forces to build Edupack, a plugin that addresses major Higher Ed web publishing problems. 

We aim to make Edupack:

  1. Efficient. School staff is often spread thin, supporting hundreds of websites. Edupack allows institutions to provide self-service web publishing while retaining control over every aspect of web publishing. That means staff can focus on big decisions instead of individual website upkeep.  
  2. Compliant. We know that schools need to maintain standards over the published content. Accessibility, privacy, accountability, and governance tools are at the heart of Edupack. From copyright checks to automated content validation and abuse reporting, we’re building tools that keep content inline with school standards. 
  3. Intuitive. Staff members hate learning new tech. Our solutions are intuitive and, when possible, integrated with existing campus tools. Current integrations include Interfolio, Tribal SITS, Unibuddy and we’re building new extensions all of the time.
  4. Useful. Different Higher Education stakeholders require different features. Our own Gutenberg blocks, course catalog systems, pedagogical tools, and publishing workflows give the user features they need to publish beautiful content.
  5. Dependable. Say goodbye to slow ticket systems. Our support includes lightning-fast responses and clear documentation. Our experienced staff has worked exclusively on educational websites for the last decade. We can tackle just about every problem.
  6. Fair. Not all schools have the same budget. Edupack’s solutions are available to institutions that need them. 
  7. Open. No institution is locked into proprietary software. Edupack is built on WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS. Many of our tools are also being developed as open-source projects, meaning anyone can support our development.

In sticking to these goals, we hope Edupack becomes the most trusted solution for Higher Ed web publishing.

Help us stay on target! We’re building our plugin with early adopters: Apply to use Edupack.